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The WinJeT Lumber Marking System.
From the highest quality print to its rugged system design, WinJet II is
the future of automated printing technology today
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WinJet Lumber Marking System
Z-Mark Lumber Package Printing System


Tracking and Monitoring

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Welcome to Z-TEC

Since 1992, Z-Tec Automation has been providing innovative solutions for companies across the globe. Our custom printing, labelling, product tracking and monitoring solutions have helped dramatically increase operational efficiency in a range of industry settings. Z-Tec’s integration of quality, reliability, simplicity, ruggedness and support maximizes your profits and provides the peace of mind you need to focus solely on your business.

At Z-Tec, providing high quality, responsive service is priority number one. Our dedication not only to supporting our existing systems, but also to achieving and exceeding our customer’s goals sets us apart from the competition. learn more


Winjet II Compact
This new design has many features of the WinJet System on a smaller scale for added flexibility. It’s an ideal solution where space is a constraint and a rugged industrial system is still required.

Product Reviews

What Our Clients say

“I would recommend the WinJet system, and there are a few aspects: one, the print quality is exceptional, and two, it’s very easy for the employees down there to manage it. It doesn’t take a lot of expertise, it’s a very simple system, it’s very quick – so it’s very quick to learn.”

Glenn McRobert

Dry processing manager

Ever since we installed the winjet2 to replace the stamping system the quality of print has been far superior and with the Vision camera this has eliminated the amount of rework due to it Identifying poor quality prints or  miss print, their service and support has been outstanding and would recommend Winjet2 system to any other company.”

Andrew James

Red Stag Timber

Thank you for the prompt efficient install of the cameras to our Z-TEC panel stamp systems at our sander line and saw line machine centers…. As always Z-Tec was not a disappointment as they sell and service quality equipment with knowledgeable service representatives that are a pleasure to work with and always have quality customer support.”


Finish End Specialist, Northwest US Plywood Mill



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